Life of a Wild


After completing my 1st year in Masters in wildlife sciences I had summer vacation of 2 months, so I decided to do some kind of internship during these holidays and applied for a one in the Himalayan region. The project... Continue Reading →


Venakkam Kerala!

So I went to south India this time with my class fellows, organized by our Wildlife Science Department. We left for Chennai on 24th of April 2017. The train journey of 1 day and 2 nights was a memorable journey... Continue Reading →

Earth Hour! Earth Hour!

    Earth Hour is an international movement by WWF in which they make people switch of their lights for 1 hour at the same time over the globe to conserve electricity. From a simple gesture of switching off for... Continue Reading →

WILDLIFE: After all these Years!

After all these years animals disappears, From the known noises, To the extinct voices, We try to redeem our mistakes, By revolving around the same choice, Hoping to see the beauty of nature, By bringing down the home of beautiful... Continue Reading →


Palamau tiger reserve is one of the first nine tiger reserves established by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in India. Also it holds the title for having the first ever tiger census in India which declared it to have the... Continue Reading →

Aligarh: key to every lock

Aligarh as we all know is a city in Uttar Pradesh. It is famous for two things, firstly for A.M.U that is Aligarh Muslim University and secondly for its locks industry. Aligarh locks are exported across the world. When I... Continue Reading →

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